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Interpreting the Evidence

"Celebrating Latino Cultures," Association of Neighbors Concerned for Latino Advancement (ANCLA), c. 1998

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Suggested Teaching Instructions

Document Description
Flyer requesting support for "Celebrating Latino Cultures" event, Association of Neighbors Concerned for Latino Advancement (ANCLA), ca. 1998.
Historical Context
In 1989, the Latino population of Syracuse, New York was growing rapidly. The Spanish Action League (SAL) had been organized in 1969 to help the Spanish-speaking population of the city with social services and assistance in the crucial areas of housing, employment, education, and family services. By the late 1980s, the organization was overwhelmed with direct service needs and had little time to work toward political changes that would help the Latino community move forward. As a result of attending Father Robert Chryst’s Hispanic Forum luncheons and the New York State Assembly Somos Uno conference in 1989, a group of people formed the Association of Neighbors Concerned for Latino Advancement (ANCLA). The grassroots organization has been involved in a number of projects that strengthen and promote the health of the Latino community.

ANCLA is one of the organizations that sponsors celebrations of Latino culture in Syracuse, such as the Celebrating Latino Cultures event and the Una Noche Latina Dinner/Dance.  These events enable the Latino community to share Latino culture, create a sense of community, and celebrate their shared experiences and traditions.
Essential Question
How do immigrant populations support themselves in a new society?
Check for Understanding
Identify the main idea of this document and explain how this organization supported immigrants.
Historical Challenges
Learn more about Latino cultural heritage by investigating one of the four areas that are emphasized in the Celebrating Latino Cultures event. Use the Resources section below. Share your knowledge by creating your own cultural festival.
Interdisciplinary Connections
Art: Investigate the work of several Latino artists. Compare and contrast their methods and styles. Is there a connection between the ethnic heritage of the artist(s), their style(s), and the media used to construct their art? Using the work of Latino artists as inspiration, create your own piece of art in whatever medium you prefer.
Music: Listen to some Latino music. What sounds typify Latino style? What instruments are used in Latino music?