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New York Council for History Education

New York Council for History Education


The New York State Archives Partnership Trust is excited to host the New York Council for History Education (NYCHE). Through this new state council of the National Council for History Education (NCHE), we support the NCHE mission to promote historical literacy by creating opportunities for teachers and students to benefit from more history, better taught.

By joining NCHE, you automatically become a member of NYCHE. Join today!

Interested in getting more involved with NYCHE? Contact your Regional Liaison to find out about opportunities in your area to increase historical literacy.

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Jordan Jace
NYCHE State Coordinator
Phone: 518-474-0245
Dr. Kristi Fragnoli
Dr. Kristi Fragnoli
Chair, NYCHE
NYCHE Honorary Committee Members
Ron Chernow
Harold Holzer
Kenneth T. Jackson
Stephen and Kristina Lang
James McPherson
Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel
Sam Waterston