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Educational Uses Grants

Grant funding through the Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund is available from the New York State Archives for educational projects that use local government records. These projects help to strengthen connections with communities and provide very effective tools that aid instruction and support student learning.  Projects may include, but are not limited to:

  • Programs to train teachers how to find and use local government records as teaching tools
  • Document teaching packets
  • School history and local history projects.

The applicant must be a New York State local government (e.g., public schools, teacher centers, BOCES, towns, villages, cities, counties). Applications must demonstrate correlation with NYSED’s learning standards and practices.

Visit the LGRMIF page for more information about this program and the eGrants system.

You can also learn more about the previous grant cycle and education grants in the Application Guide (page 20, Historical Records.)

After reviewing the guidelines, applicants are strongly urged to email us at or contact Mark Maniak at