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Welcome to the historians corner of Consider the Source! Here you will find tools and resources to help you connect and collaborate with educators across New York State. Historians are an essential resource for educators as they search for primary sources and content knowledge related to historical events. One of the main goals of Consider the Source is to help bridge the gap between historians and K-12 educators and facilitate collaborations between the professions. Based on our conversations with both historians and educators, we have created the following tools and resources to aid historians in their efforts to share their valuable knowledge and resources with educators. Please reach out if you have ideas for additional ways in which we can help. Email us at

If you have historical records you would like to be added to Consider the Source, please complete this google form which allows you to send up to 10  1GB files. You may wish to create a pdf with images of the records you want to submit and an additional document with the appropriate metadata and historical background information. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Guides for Connecting Local Historical Records to the K-12 Curriculum

What Informs a Teacher Google Slide Deck

Overview of Learning Standards

Historians often ask what do social studies teachers teach. They want to know how to determine if a historical record is suitable for the K-12 classroom. In this slide presenation created by Dr. Kristi Fragnoli, a professor of teacher education at the College of Saint Rose, historians will learn the core standards that inform teacher content and the overarching historical content for each grade level. 

Google Slide Presentation: What Informs a Teacher

PDF of PowerPoint Presentation: What Informs a Teacher


The NYS Framework in a Nutshell Google Slide Presentation

New York State Social Studies Framework

The Framework provides content and skills requirements for Social Studies educators in New York State. In this slide presenation created by Dr. Kristi Fragnoli, a professor of teacher education at the College of Saint Rose, historians will receive a brief introduction to the framework and how it guides classroom instruction. 

Google Slide Presentation: This is NYS Social Studies Framework in a Nutshell

PDF of PowerPoint Presentation: This is NYS Social Studies Framework in a Nutshell


Next Gen Literacy Standards Google Slide Presentation

Introduction to the NextGen Literacy Standards

Next Generation Standards address literacy skills to be taught in the social studies classroom. These literacy skills are necessary for students to read and analyze both secondary and primary sources related to historical content. They include both reading and writing standards and must be taught along side the NYS Social Studies Framwork content and Social Studies Practices. 

Google Slide Presentation: Next Generation Standards

PDF of PowerPoint Presentation: Next Generation Standards


An Educator's Dream Document

Historical Documents for Educators

What makes a historical documents a good fit for the classroom? This presentation reveals key components that make historical documents a perfect fit for the K-12 classroom. Learn about types of documents and the elements teachers look for when determining which primary source to use with their students. 

Google Slide Presentation: Transforming a Historical Document into an Educator's Dream Document

PDF of PowerPoint Presentation: Transforming a Historical Document into an Educator's Dream Document


Curriculum Connections Google Slide Presentation

Curriculum Connections

Once teachers have chosen a document for their classroom, how do they use it in their lessons? This presentation introduces several ways that teachers use historical records in their classroom. Understanding the ways the documents are used gives historians a better of idea of which documents to make available to educators and students.

Google Slide Presentation: Curriculum Connections

PDF of PowerPoint Presentation: Curriculum Connections