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Summer 2018 Educator Guide - Adirondacks and the Beginning of American Camping

Summer 2018 Educator Guide - Adirondack Camping

People and their Environment

Humans and the environment have always had a reciprocal, although not necessarily balanced, relationship.  “Dazzling White” by Dave Northrup discusses the effects of human progress on the natural landscape. Terence Young emphasizes the impact of the physical environment on people in his article, “Murray’s Rush.” The relationship between people and their environment is an important theme throughout history and one that deepens our understanding of historical events.

Compelling Question: How does the relationship between people and their environment shape history?

Setting the Stage

Show this video from and discuss the impact of humans on their environment.

Link to Full Article: Murray's Rush

Document Analysis

Murray's Rush Article

Guided Reading Questions

1. What event is seen as the beginning of recreational camping in America?

2. What activities did William Murray enjoy?

3. Who did Murray bring with him on his camping trips?

4. What effect did Murray’s book have on the Adirondack region?

5. Why was Murray given the nickname “Adirondack” Murray?

6. What technological advancements improved access to the Adirondacks?

7. What practical information did Murray give in his book?

8. Why were some people critical of Murray’s book? Were their concerns valid?

9. How did Murray’s book impact the lives of women?