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Chronological Reasoning and Causation

The Growing Clout of New York State’s Hispanic Vote

  1. Load Assemblyman Hector L. Diaz Opposes "English Only" Assembly Bill 2898, February 16, 1989 in Main Image Viewer
  2. Load Telegram Congratulating Oscar G. Rivera, 1937 in Main Image Viewer
  3. Load Vote for Javits (Jacob Koppel Javits), United States Senate, in Spanish, 1968 in Main Image Viewer
  4. Load Herman Badillo, Mayor Lindsay and Transit Police, New York City, c. 1960s in Main Image Viewer
  5. Load Latino Voter Registration Drive Announcement, Association of Neighbors Concerned for Latino Advancement (ANCLA) c. 1997 in Main Image Viewer
  6. Load Latino Voter Statistics, New York and United States, Latino Election Handbook, 2002 in Main Image Viewer
  7. Load Latino Voter Statistics, New York and United States, Latino Election Handbook, 2002 in Main Image Viewer
  8. Load Latino Elected Officials in New York, 2002 in Main Image Viewer

Suggested Teaching Instructions


The following questions are designed to test your ability to work with historical documents. As you analyze the documents, take into account both the source of the document and the author’s point of view.

Historical Context:

The Hispanic/Latino vote is becoming a pivotal factor for many political campaigns. Although Hispanics accounted for half of the population growth of the United States between 2000 and 2004, but only a one-tenth increase in the votes cast, parties and candidates are reaching out to the Latino community.  New York State’s Hispanic population numbered over three million (16% of the state total) in 2005. As immigrants become citizens, increased voter turnout will certainly magnify Hispanic political clout.


Using information from the following documents and your own knowledge of history, in Part A answer the questions that follow each listed document.  Your answers to these questions will help you complete the writing assignment given in Part B.

Part A: Short-Answer Questions

Read and analyze each document, and then in the space provided answer each of the questions that follow them.  

Part B: Essay

Using information from at least five of the documents in Part A to support your thinking, and using your own knowledge of history, write an essay that describes the increasing influence of Hispanic voters in the election process. Use a separate sheet of paper to complete your essay, which should be well organized and should include an introduction, at least three paragraphs, and a conclusion. Support your response with relevant facts, examples, and details. In no case should the documents simply be cited and paraphrased. You should include additional historical details, and you may discuss documents not provided in the question.